The most heinous of tyrants is the will of the majority.
Any law that causes an injustice to just one person is an
unjust law.
Democracy will fail when the masses learn they can vote
themselves largess from the public purse.
Author(s) Unknown but written at the dawn of democracy.

First Amendment : "The congress shall make no law
respecting (giving special consideration or privilege to) an
establishment (a belief or practice) of religion,  or prohibiting
the free (voluntary; un-coerced) exercise therof;"
Authors: The Framers of the Constitution

"Democracy died when
ALL the politicians decided to buy
votes today  using the income of future generations."
Davi Wayne-Disney 11 SEP 04
Most of what is on this page should be "self evident" but the one with the girl
being pulled in two directions might need some explanation.

First you must understand that it doesn't represent what the Democrats or
Republicans "say" they want,, it represents what they appear to actually want
based upon the actions they and those who support them take in the world.

For example: The Republicans (
christacrats) will swear on their Holy Book
that they don"t want any women to die of pregnancy but they scream bloody
murder when any medical abortion restricting legislation is amended to allow
the medical procedure to be used if necessary to save the life of a woman.

For example: The Democrats (
theosocialists) will swear that they support
women's "choice" but they insist on sending tax dollars to China to support
the enforcement of a "one child population control" policy that includes
forced sterilizations and forced abortions.

The things they say and the things they do don't match.


               ONLY BELIEVE THE DEEDS!!

     THEY AREN'T ENGAGING IN "SINGLE ACTS OF                        
                         ACCIDENTAL TYRANNY".